Welcome to Ex Astris Website!

Thank you for visiting the Ex Astris Website. Here you will find software and information about astronomy and astrophotography.

The website is still under construction but we are currently working as hard as we can to complete the website structure, create all the contents and tweaking the interface. Come back soon to check us out!

We currently offer two programs, both developed for Mac OS X: NightVue and TACos. We are not planning to release the programs for Windows, but our policy may change in the future. All the programs are freely available for download.

NightVue is a program developed for the astronomer that uses a laptop on the field but wants to preserve the dark adaptation while looking at the screen. Even at the lowest luminosity a computer screen can be very bright and can ruin the night vision: with NightVue the user can further reduce the brightness by changing the gamma of the screen. By selecting the amount of each color component (red, green, blue) it is also possible to change the color balance of the screen, to have, for example, a red tint that helps preserving the dark adaptation.

TACos is the acronym for Telescope optics and Astrophotography Calculator for Mac OS. It is a multi-purpose calculator and is very useful when considering the purchase of new optical components for the telescope or for a quick reference while taking pictures.